Planning Your Business

California Requirements For Forming Your Business

California Permits for Your Business

  • CalGOLD.  Helps you determine what business permits, licenses and registration requirements are required for your business.
  • California Seller’s Permit. You can read about why you might need a California seller’s permit here. If you do need a California seller’s permit, you can obtain a permit here.
  • California Resale Certificate.  Information on why a business might need a California resale certificate can be found here.  A form resale certificate can be found here.

SF Requirements For Registering Your Business

  • San Francisco Business Registration Certificate.  All businesses in San Francisco must complete an application to obtain a San Francisco Business Registration Certificate within 15 days.
  • San Francisco Fictitious Business Name Statement. If you will conduct business in San Francisco under a name other than your full legal name, the full legal name of a legal entity (such as a corporation), or any name that suggests additional owners, you must file a Fictitious Business Name Statement with the San Francisco County Clerk.  Frequently asked questions about San Francisco Fictitious Business Name Statements can be found here.
  • License 123. License 123 is a free online tool that helps businesses navigate San Francisco’s permitting and licensing requirements.

California Tax Obligations For Your Business.

Federal Tax Obligations For Your Business.

  • EIN.  The online application to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can be accessed here.

ADA Compliance.

  • The San Francisco Office Of Small Business has some resources available here on ways to bring your business into compliance and to mitigate your risk of a lawsuit.

Financing Resources.

Converting Your California Company.

  • The California Secretary of State Office’s guide to convert from one type of entity to a different type of entity.

Obligations for Dissolving Your California Businesses.