“We started Modify Watches in mid-2010 and knew very little about the myriad legal pitfalls that awaited us. Doug has been incredibly helpful in walking us through our choices at every step of the way. His work has spanned from helping us incorporate (and choose how to incorporate); trademark research; contracting; etc. He takes as long as it takes to explain our options so that we understand choices clearly. I think of him more as a partner than an attorney. Highly Recommend.” - Aaron S.

“What a delight to have found Doug. He’s everything you could ask for in a small business attorney–knowledgeable, straightforward, friendly, and humble. Unlike other attorneys I have worked with, Doug never gives me the impression that my business is too piddly and insignificant to merit his full attention. Whenever I work with him, I feel I am getting the full benefit of his professional expertise and dedication. He also is incredibly responsive and organized. I look forward to working with Doug for many years to come!” - Molly O.

“I was introduced to Doug through the entrepreneur community at the Hub SoMa, and have really appreciated working with him.  For my company, he’s been both a highly competent attorney and a legal mentor, too.  Doug has worked with us on a number of company formation issues, including our operating agreement and unit purchase agreements, and he has provided us solid legal advice on everything from filing trademarks to setting up internships within the company.  Doug is very small business friendly, working with us to understand how much legal work we really need done and what we can do on our  own.  He’s also pro-active, calling us with advice when he sees an issue that might impact us.  I highly recommend him.” - Patrick D.

“I was in search of a small business lawyer and finding Doug was one of the best finds ever!
Doug is very knowledgeable, and quick to respond. Nothing seems too large or too small for him.  He never rushes the conversation so you always feel that his time is your time. He takes the time out to explain every detail and makes sure you are comfortable and you understand exactly what to expect and the pros and cons of things. The turnaround time on projects are quick, I know that all my business needs are in great hands when Doug is on them, I never have to worry about anything slipping through the cracks. Hands down I would recommend Doug Bend for all your small business needs, he is the best attorney ever and I look forward to working with him for all my future needs. Thank you Doug!” – Carla O.

“While Doug had nothing to gain from our conversation, he spent an hour with me going over the parameters of a sticky wicket that I found myself in.  His comments were extremely helpful and insightful.  His helpful attitude, thinking and warmth made him a completely different type of lawyer experience from what I expected.  While I was not wanting to hear all that he had to say, I had to admit that in the end, he was taking me down an avenue that was in my best interests.  That more than anything is what makes him a special lawyer – not his interests – but mine were what he most cared about.” - Charles K.

“About a year ago we met the first time with Doug because we wanted to form an S-Corp coming out of a sole proprietorship. Doug has an enormous knowledge about that stuff, made it really easy for us to understand what had to happen and he really guided us step by step through the endless formalities you have to go through. In fact he prepared AND filed all the forms that were required. He made sure everything was taken care of in time and followed up on each step through the process. Without him I just know it would have been a huge headache. Even now almost a year later, he is still following up on our S-corp filing requirements. Doug was also a great resource for networking with an employment lawyer and finding a new accountant. The whole experience with Doug was excellent and the money spent on his services was one of the best investments for our business (Underglass Custom Picture Framing). Very reasonable rates too and no hidden costs. If you need a small business attorney, this is the one! Thanks Doug!” – Matthias B.

“I am so glad I went with The Law Office of Doug Bend when forming my company.  He was extremely patient throughout the process.  He answered my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner and explained everything each step of the way.  I can’t recommend Doug enough.  Do yourself a huge favor and give him a call.” - Nathan K.

“Doug is probably the most enjoyable lawyer you’ll ever work with. He’s a solid source of good, solid information who is willing to share as much as he can, and his personality is so upbeat and positive it’s impossible not to get excited about your own business just talking to him. He helped me setup my LLC and followed up to make sure all my i’s were dotted and t’s crossed. He’s friendly, super easy to work with and the best legal investment I’ve ever made.” - Caroline H.

“If you’re reading this then you value diligence and have found an attorney who does too.  His thorough advice has saved me money and headaches.  Mr. Bend carries a realistic business perspective and an understanding of the challenges that entrepreneurs face.  Business owners are always making difficult decisions; contacting Doug will lead to positive results.” - John P.

“Upon my search for a lawyer, specifically for business purposes, Doug was the first one to get back to me promptly. He is incredibly nice and considerate, and contacted me right away for a consultation. I needed to compose a service agreement, terms & conditions, and privacy policy for my business, so I needed an expert who knew what they’re doing. I also would randomly email him with ridiculous questions just to get feedback, and he is always, ALWAYS responsive and helpful. He also has a lot of contacts in case you need help with non-legal matters as well, and has referred me to many people. Doug is definitely your guy for any legal agreements for your business.” - Reese R.

“Doug is a breath of fresh air!  His energy and enthusiasm when working with you can’t be matched.  Doug’s attention to detail and honest work ethic make him stand out from the crowd.  I feel so confident whenever I contact Doug knowing he will provide me with the help I’m looking for.” - Sean H.

“Doug is an absolutely fantastic lawyer. I hired him when I was ready to turn my idea into a business, and he’s been extremely helpful since day one. Not only will you pay less while working with Doug, but you’ll also get someone whose down-to-earth and willing to help you out whenever possible. Doug has kind of become my personal coach by helping me with all parts of my business, not just the law aspect (he has knowledge/references to a lot of other needs that a startup has to address). I highly recommend him.” - Rohan J.

“I have had nothing but fantastic experiences with Doug Bend. An attorney who actually cares about his clients, not his billable hours. He was attentive to our needs, took the time to answer our questions, and provided sound legal advice. I have and will continue to recommend Doug Bend to my friends and colleagues. Very impressed.” - Josh C.

“Doug is awesome! Not only he prices his services reasonably, but he is always available for questions and consultations. I am using his services to form a business partnership and he has been helpful and professional. I definitely recommend him!” - Aurora M.

“I have worked with Doug on a trademark application and a contract recently. He has been super helpful and very responsive. He is on the ball with the right questions, doesn’t put the pressure on for additional services, and has incredible turnaround times on deliverables. I definitely plan to work with him on projects to come. Keep up the good work Doug!” - Bryan K.

“Doug is easy to speak to, professional and is everything I would expect of an attorney. I highly recommend using the Law Office of Doug Bend.” - Quentin V.

“Doug has been extremely helpful in starting my business. He is very responsive, patient, intelligent and able to break down our next steps succinctly. Thank you Doug!” - David B.

“Doug is extremely approachable, easy to contact, and the most unpretentious lawyer I have ever met. He is very knowledgeable and his rates are affordable and fair. If you need legal advice, I strongly recommend giving Doug a call.” - Chris E.

“Doug will help you with expert advice, but without the expensive overhead of a large law firm.  It is far better to talk with a skilled senior attorney like Doug than a large law firm who will have a junior attorney do the initial work and bill you before having your real attorney review the project who bills you again.  Then the changes go back through the chain and you get billed yet again.  Bottom-line: Doug is skilled and will take care of you.” - Keith W.

“What can I say about Attorney Doug Bend that others haven’t already said?  It is simply this – Find out for yourself how great of a guy Doug is personally, how knowledgeable he is in working with small business founders (and others, I’m sure!), how easy he is to work with, and how ready he is to help us small business owners to cover our bases and get the job done!  I highly recommend Doug Bend to any and all who are looking for legal advice.  I also suggest that you give Doug a call to discuss your needs before you go elsewhere.  Doug will be able to tell you how he can help you if you give him that chance to help you. I gladly refer my friends and colleagues to Doug, and will continue to do so.” - Dave L.

“I came in contact with Doug Bend through HUB SoMa and since then he has been our legal mentor, our attorney and has become a very valuable team member and a very good friend.  Doug is an amazing lawyer and an awesome person. Because I had (almost) zero knowledge of the legal issues associated with company formation, I could not have asked for a better lawyer than him. No matter when I e-mailed him and whatever I asked him, he had a quick turn around time, and he always came back with great solutions/advice. In fact it would not be an overstatement to say that he is one of the most helpful people I have ever worked with. I would highly recommend to use his services for your start-up/small business. And I guarantee you he will not only become your best lawyer, but your best friend.” - Swapnil C.

“I first heard about Doug from a friend of mine at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.  I was totally impressed at our first meeting.  Doug was extremely professional, yet very approachable.  We were working on developing a new company and I needed to speak with a business attorney just to get some ideas out there and see the legitimacy of our idea. Doug was an excellent consultant and gave us some tremendous feedback both legally and from a business development standpoint. Which really impressed me, he is more than just an attorney, he is a true consultant and trusted advisor.” - Bradley S.

“I have recommended Doug to quite a few of the small businesses that I services and whether they contracted him for services or simply utilized his consultation services; they have all spoken highly of his down to earth approach.  He understands the small business owner and works to fully invest himself as part of your team.  I highly recommend him.” - Paula M.

“We hired Doug Bend to help us form our S-Corp and we really enjoyed working with him. He has been very competent giving us great advise through the process and answering the many questions we had. When we started looking for legal advise we interviewed many people but  he had the fastest turnaround time and the most reasonable fees. We are really glad we used his services and we would definitely recommend him.” - Roque T.

“Doug is an upstanding person and an outstanding attorney. He is committed to his clients’ needs and is an expert in his field, having been cited by numerous trade publications, as well as The Huffington Post. He’s a great listener, and a trusted confidant. Highly recommended!” - Andrew K.

“I was looking for a business lawyer to create a business entity and was lucky to have found Doug Bend. He is very professional and friendly and was able to create business entity faster than I imagined; he also helped me with other start-up permits and licenses. So within several weeks I had corporation set up and was ready to start the business. Here is my suggestion to all: if you are thinking to start business and need someone who will answer any of your questions, will respond promptly and help you with all the business start-up requirements, call Doug Bend. He is the best business attorney in San Francisco!” - Ira S.

 “I used Doug to help me start my new sustainability consulting business. Every aspect of my interaction with Doug has been professional, positive, and informative. For example, I was set on incorporating my business as an S Corp. Doug could have said “great!” and taken my money. However, he walked me through the various options and even told me that I could probably wait and see how business was before forming a legal entity. Not something you would probably hear from other small biz lawyers. With his help I decided to form an LLC, which is a much more appropriate organizational structure for my consulting practice. This structure alone saved me hundreds of dollars in expenses, and probably paid for my use of Doug. Another thing that really stands out is his response time. If I call him or write an email, he almost always gets back to me within 24 hours. Do you know how awesome (and often overlooked) that  aspect of business is? It makes me feel valued as a client. The small details definitely count. He is honest, has your best interests in mind, always thinks win-win for both parties (instead of him winning and you losing lots of money), quick response time, mid-western friendly, constantly forwarding me relevant business events and networking opportunities, and is generally a really good dude.” - Ryan H.

“I’ve worked with countless attorneys over the year and Doug is easily the best. Doug is the most responsive individual I’ve had the pleasure to work with, and has a great network which he has made available to me for my every need. He has guided me through both a start up and an acquisition. The last thing I will add is that I was impressed with Doug’s integrity for two very big and very important reasons. First, typical lawyers spend a great deal of time thinking of ways to bill their clients. Doug is very straight forward and only bills for the time he actually spends working with me. Secondly, when I needed some work done in another state, rather than just jump at the chance for additional billable hours, Doug noted that he didn’t feel 100% comfortable advising me in a state in which he didn’t have expertise, and referred me to a colleague. Doug is a rare professional – my only concern is that his time fills up too quickly and I won’t be able to book as much as I used to!” - Adam V.

“Doug structured our partnership agreements and the legal terms and conditions for our company. He is an exceptional attorney who really listened to who we are as a company, our needs and ideas. Not all attorneys are equal, what makes Doug different is his level of professionalism, open communication, feedback and that he really cares about his clients. We highly recommend The Law Office of Doug Bend for all of your business legal needs. We will use Doug for all of our future projects!” - Brad T.

“Extremely fair, timely, patient, and knowledgeable. Just giving him a brief of my needs he knew exactly what I needed before I had to go into vivid details. He’s honest and I WILL be using him again in the future.” - Ashli N.

“Doug helped us put together bylaws and other paperwork for our start up. Doug is very knowledgeable, and went over all possible options in great detail so that we could make informed decisions. He never rushed us, listened carefully and addressed all our concerns. Paperwork was thorough. We would work with Doug again for all our start-up related legal paperwork.” - Sagheer A.

“I hired Doug a few times for various small-business-related issues. Each time, his price was more than reasonable and he was great to work with. He gave me a lot of attention, and his turnaround time was exceptional (he always got back to me within a day or two). Most of the other lawyers I have worked with have run up fees extraordinarily quickly, but Doug is super conscientious and works well with small businesses. I would highly recommend him for anything related to your small business or for any other legal advice.” - Dana L.

“I started a new law firm this year and turned to Doug to help me set up my business as a professional corporation, obtain licenses, and register with the State bar.  Doug did an outstanding job, and he continues to monitor my corporate activities and give advice.  He knows what he’s doing, he’s very responsive and he provides practical business guidance to complement the legal niceties. In addition, I have referred business colleagues and friends to Doug when they needed business transactional advice, and I have heard back only great things about Doug consistent with my own experience.  I highly recommend him.” - David N.

“Doug helped me and my partner re-structure our business as an LLC. We were referred to him by OBDC Finance and in the time that we have been working with him he has proved himself invaluable by providing the information and advice we needed in order to make educated decisions about how we want our business to work. If we ever asked him about things he didn’t feel qualified to answer, he was very quick to offer contact information for the people he knew would be able to help us. He is incredibly responsive.  Whenever I have called him, if he did not answer right away, he always called me back in a matter of minutes. We will definitely return to him for all of our business-related legal needs.” - Marci D.

“Doug is one of the most responsive and down-to-earth people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.  When you call Doug, you will get your attorney on the phone, and not a gate-keeper.  Doug’s personal attention to his clients, along with his quick and timely responses to every question I’ve had, makes him one of the best small business attorneys I know. As an IP attorney myself, Doug is my go-to guy for business issues that could arise for my clients, and I always seek him out for referrals because I trust him. If you are looking for an amazing small business lawyer, I would highly recommend Doug!” - Suzi H.

“What can I say other than that Doug is amazing? Doug not only helped our company get up and running by drafting our bylaws, official minutes, stock purchase agreements, employment contracts, and all of the associated filings, but he also kept us on track and was a phenomenal partner throughout the process.  For any entrepreneur looking to have a solid legal partner, I doubt there is anyone out there who can deliver the quality and support that comes so easily to Doug and the Bend Law Group. To top it off, Doug sent me an email the other day saying that he thought HE owed US a little money.  How often does that happen in life, let alone from one of your contractors?! Bottom line: it’s a shame that Yelp only allows up to 5 stars.  Doug deserves more.” - Jonathan K.

Please note that the above testimonials do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.